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28 years-old
April 19, 2005

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April 19, 2005 - 11:41 pm

28 years-old

It's my birthday today (thanks Erica for the guestbook signing.)

As I write it is 11.45 and I am drinking wine and eating birthday cake entirely alone.

This is good.

I have always enjoyed my own company and my own chances to reflect.

I have always enjoyed having my friends around me. Tonight my mum came round for 5.30pm. I came home from work to find her hoovering the kitchen whilst Mr D washed up. Then we sat and chatted about how I was born, the people in the nursing home where she visits an old neighbour, the ideas she has for her short story she wants to write, and the silimarities we have in our decorating tastes. I love my mum. She's exactly as I'd wish to be if I could choose.

Now I am alone, and probably a little bit drunk. And I am 28 years old. And I am healthy and I worked 9am until 5pm today, which makes me normal.

Here's a list I wrote whilst I was in hospital. I am putting this here now because...because...I dunno, because it's time to. I wrote it whilst sitting in the chair provided in my hospital room, I wrote it during the days I decided to start trying to sit up instead of lying in bed feeling depressed. It makes no sense really, it's just a list of thoughts.

* Your health and your family are THE only things that really matter
* Don't read diet magazines
* Don't diet. Just live healthily.
* Don't smoke or eat junk food'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">junk food
* Your body can only look after itself properly if you are careful about what you put inside it
* The same goes for your skin
* Natural is best
* Exercise. But be kind to your body.
* Work and the weather don't matter
* Stretch
* Dress for you, not for fashion, not for anyone else. If purple fluffy mules make you feel wonderful, wear them.
* The fashion and beauty industry is ridiculous
* Jamie Oliver has a good point about kids' meals in schools
* Be grateful for every day you don't have pain
* Choose your dream and live it
* Second best isn't good enough
* Never do anything to harm yourself or others around you
* Don't take drugs
* Write
* Don't regret anything, just look forward
* You can never have enough monkeys or friends
* Do crossword puzzles.
* Give away your old books
* Talk to people who need someone to talk to
* There's always someone worse off than you, remember that.
* Never complain about menstrual cramps to someone in hospital with severe abdominal pain, they may wish to hit you
* Eat fish
* Never eat pre-packaged diet foof that claim to be good for you - it isn't. Simmer up a load of vegetables in stock instead.
* Make your own roast dinners from scratch
* Know how to make the basics - fish pie, lasagne etc.
* make your own healthy organic pizza. Life must have pizza.
* Appreciate every single day. Every single one.
* Stop and think - is there really a problem? Probably not.
* Don't sweat the small stuff. Hell, don't even bother with the bigger stuff.
* Drink water first thing in the morning
* Never EVER take your health for granted
* Trust your instincts

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